Who We Are & What We Do

Studio 503 is a 22,000 square foot collaborative work space where artists come together to create, realize their dreams, and be inspired. Once an industrial property, Studio 503 now offers a collegial work area and 16 affordable private studios just a short five block walk from lively Elm Street in downtown Greensboro. Located across the street from Bailey Village, and next door to Rhythm Works, Studio 503 is an important part of the emerging and dynamic transformation happening in Downtown East.

In addition to private studio space, resident creators have 24 hour access to conference space, a kitchen, an outdoor courtyard, internet and A/V equipment.


Stu Nichols

Linda and I have been investing in and developing real estate for more than three decades. We take a community-based approach to our real estate endeavors, placing a premium on enhancing commercial and residential spaces that will add vitality to downtown Greensboro and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Linda Spitsen

Born and raised in Northern California, I’m a former HR Executive turned artist living in North Carolina. I create art, working primarily with acrylic. I find artistic inspiration from nature, people and through my global travels. I create happy, whimsical and contemporary artwork that is perfect for your home or office. My original art lives on 5 continents. Fall in love with my work at www.LindaSpitsen.com

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We engage a broad community of artists, adults and children through dynamic exhibitions and educational programs while providing a platform for art exploration.

Andy Zimmerman

A diverse and creative thinker since 2014, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with key stakeholders and personnel to promote and produce top-notch rental spaces for thriving businesses. As the Co-Founder of Transform Greensboro, I have been able to grow my product development portfolio and present multiple quality buildings and spaces for long-term periods of time.

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For example, opened in 1919 by Hudson Overalls, the Gateway Building is a charming historical treasure that offers a modernized property while keeping the original rich history that Greensboro has to offer. Space such as the Gateway Building offer thriving entrepreneurial space that will help maintain and enhance the spirit of its neighborhood. I am always looking to expand my knowledge by taking the leap and not looking back, but only forward.

Co-founder of Wilderness Systems kayaks, Confluence Watersports, and Native Watercraft.
Managing director at Velocity Product Development.